The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Last Minute Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Last Minute Wedding

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is stressful and time-consuming. Some brides thrive during the time between engagement and marriage, while others dread the stress and planning. Summer dates book up very early in the year, and some venues even have year-long waiting lines to get that perfect summer date! Last minute cancellations can however lead to free dates… But that means less time to plan!

We have composed the ultimate guide to help you plan a last-minute wedding to show you that it can be done and can still be perfect!

Why a mid-week wedding?

About 85% of couples want to get married over the weekend. However, despite there being many valid reasons for this, a future bride and groom should always take into consideration a mid-week wedding as it can have many advantages.

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It has been calculated that a mid-week wedding can, in fact, work out to be 1/3 cheaper than a weekend wedding. Here at the Arlington ballroom our mid-week weddings start at £2499! Leaving you more money to spend on the honeymoon, or to invest in your life together.


The availability is often a lot better and there will be more flexibility with dates, making your dream wedding more achievable.


Mid-week weddings suit a smaller and more intimate affair. Close family members and friends may be more than happy to take a couple of days off work to celebrate with you. For example, if you choose a day later in the week such as a Thursday, this means that the working week is nearly over and your guests are much more likely to let their hair down.


Wedding suppliers, from photographers to florists tend to prefer mid-week weddings as not only does it mean they can spend longer at the venue as they tend to have more bookings on a weekend.


It can seem like you spend your whole life waiting for the weekend. And this shouldn’t have to be the case for finding a free weekend at your chosen wedding venue. By having your wedding during the week, you will simply be able to get married sooner! This means there is no big countdown and you don’t have to wait over a year for the big day.

Essex Wedding of the Year

At the Arlington Ballroom we organise many weddings; it is one of our favourite things to do!

Last week we organised the biggest wedding yet! 150 guests for the ceremony and Wedding breakfast and 250 guests for the Evening Reception! It was a great day and not a TOWIE in sight!

 Set up for Civil Ceremony 
 The Wedding Breakfast laid out

Due to the uncertainty of British weather, the couple hired a marquee adding another dimension to the venue.  This turned out to be a roaring success and can now feature in future events giving extra space when needed.

Guests had a constant source of entertainment, from the magician at the drinks reception to the singer who appeared on ‘The Voice’!

A brilliant twist was the Bride giving a speech, projecting a video on the large screen to entertain the guests further, they loved it!

The evening was not a disappointment with a live band for all to enjoy and lots of drinks flowing. The bride also sang a song with the band which just topped off one of the best weddings ever!

Are you planning a wedding? Here are our tops tips of how to get it right:

1.      Accept help - if someone would like to help you then accept and give them a specific job to do e.g. a friend could contact all the local venues and arrange viewings for you in one day, so all you have to do is turn up!

2.      If in doubt ask! – If you are not happy with part of your package then ask to have it changed, most venues will be happy to adjust their wedding packages to suit your requirements

3.      Double check! -  Just in case you thought you mentioned it, mention it again, leave no room for error!

Would you like to talk about wedding planning? Please contact us and pop in for a chat..