Last Minute Wedding's

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is stressful and time-consuming. Some brides thrive during the time between engagement and marriage, while others dread the stress and planning. Summer dates book up very early in the year, and some venues even have year-long waiting lines to get that perfect summer date! Last minute cancellations can however lead to free dates… But that means less time to plan!

We have composed the ultimate guide to help you plan a last-minute wedding to show you that it can be done and can still be perfect!

1. Last minute weddings aren’t for everybody

You have to be the right kind of person to plan a wedding in a short time frame.

First and foremost, you have to be decisive, know what you want! With only a few weeks to plan the big day you don’t have time to sit and think about your options. You have to decide what the must-haves are and how to do them in a way that suits you. You also need to have a partner who is willing to support you through the intensity every step of the way. It will be stressful, and your partner must be willing to share the burden with you!

2. Have a clear, itemised budget

Create a clear and detailed budget before you start.

Knowing your budget inside and out will eliminate a lot of back and forth with vendors. Before meeting with them know how much you want to spend so that you can book on the spot instead of having to go home and think about it. Keeping your budget in mind and using it as a reference point will help when everything is moving so quickly.


3. Invite your guests

Harness the power of the internet!

Social media and email are amazing devices. Creating a group on Facebook allows you to get a rough estimate and allows you to gauge interest. Evites are also amazing, completely customisable to fit your wedding theme, as well as being affordable, quick, and easy. Because they go straight to your guests’ inboxes you can get RSVP’s fast!

4. Go local and be flexible

Smaller local vendors are the most likely to be available and flexible.

Local caterers and florists have better availability; they are supportive, and more willing to work with your time line. Be open to buying a sample dress, choosing flowers that are readily available, and taking advantage of connections, such as photographer friends.

5. Have fun!

Look at your wedding as a party that you just so happen to be getting married at rather than seeing it as a wedding — this will help you when you get caught up in little details and will remind you that the most important part of the day is the fact that you’re about to start your new life as a married couple.


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